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    • I am confident my reports stand out from the competition... PLEASE SEE "SAMPLE REPORTS".  You get what you pay for.  My goal is to give my Clients the best inspection experience for their investment. Most Buyers that I have questioned would rather go with an experienced Home Inspector who produces a detailed report versus simply shopping for the cheapest quote.  [ Of note: regarding my "sample reports" - the website will only allow me 6mb per upload.. so I included a couple of Summaries from larger reports as the full reports were much larger than 6mb ]

    • Easy to Read with a General Summary at the front of report.  

    • Complies or exceeds the Arkansas Standards of Practice

    • Delivered via email same day/within 24 hours.  Client can receive a written copy as well if requested.

    Sample Reports
  • Thinking of buying or selling a home? It pays to be informed.

    Your home is one of your biggest investments. Whether you’re buying or selling, a professional home inspection provides the valuable information you need to make sound decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

    That’s where we come in. Our Inspections are based on the Arkansas Standards of Practice.  We typically go beyond the Standards.  That’s because we take our time with every home inspection and use appropriate specialized tools when necessary.  We invite our clients to ask questions. And finally, we provide a detailed and easy-to-understand inspection report complete with pictures and recommendations. 

    When it comes to buying a home or investment property, having the right information at your fingertips can mean a world of difference. Let us help you make informed decisions about a significant investment. 

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